Custom Color Order

We love custom color styles, and would love to work with you!

Here's how this works:
  • Fill out the form below, taking care to describe your design in as much detail as possible, including any color codes or links to references you would like us to use.
  • After we receive your form we will email you to review your design. With this email you may add/change details or attach additional references before we confirm your design.
  • Once reviewed, revised if needed, and confirmed, we will then create the invoice. To help the process along, please have or create an account using the email you have provided in the form.
  • Once paid your order will enter our regular made-to-order queue (please see our FAQ for lead times).
Production and pricing details:
  • Once the toy enters into production your order cannot be canceled.
  • Not all designs or colors are possible and we will discuss any issues before we make any attempts. We will try a maximum of two times to match your design and allow you to choose the closest match.
  • Pricing will vary depending on complexity. Generally, a custom charge ranges from $10 for matching a specific solid color, to $30 for 3-color fade/split/waterfall styles. There may be additional charges for painting, confetti-style toys, exotic pigments, and other additions.
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