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Were-Coop - Jackaloo Artisan Coloration Collaboration!

Greetings Ambush Adventurers! 

We partnered with Jackaloo to create a special coloration on two of our most popular models, the Lancea & Falchion, and bring to you in collaboration…Were-Coop! Links to the toy below!

After Cooper accidentally gets bitten by fake and totally not cursed skull at a yard sale, he finds himself the next day in total beast mode as the new and knotty Were-Coop! And now you can have a shot at riding Jackaloo's werewolf boy with his slate gray balls and warm pink knotted shaft~

A portion of the proceeds goes to supporting Jackaloo, the creator of the character Cooper and many fine comics! Follow Jackaloo and read more about Cooper's transformation here! Jackaloo on X.

You can find these amazing colors based on your needs here(to see size photos & a sizing chart, check out the MTO Pages for the products you're interested in!) : 

In Stock Falchion Dildos(ride the werewolf) :
In Stock Lancea Dildos(ride the werewolf) :
In Stock Falchion Wearables(be the werewolf) :
In Stock Lancea Wearables(be the werewolf) :

 If we run out, you can still order this as a Made-To-Order toy here : 

MTO Falchion Dildo :
MTO Lancea Dildo :

MTO Falchion Wearable :
MTO Lancea Wearable :

 The Comic Behind this amazing transformation : 


 Pg. 2

Pg. 3

Pg. 4


View More of Jackaloo & Bewere Books here! : 





Thank you! Enjoy, and Adventure Safely & Responsibly…lest ye be cursed too ;3

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