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Ambush Toys is a new front in adult fantasy toys bringing you the best in quality & service with unique designs, personalized fit, and short wait times on custom toys.

To ensure our quality, all of our toys are made from 100% platinum-cure body-safe silicone, and no toy leaves our forge without a thorough inspection. Every toy is finished to masterwork perfection.

We are community-driven, listening to our patrons and followers for inspiration. Our goal is to make our toys exciting and accessible to anyone (over 18) by providing a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. We also enjoy a comfortable, friendly, non-corporate model, where creativity is priority. We just love making toys!


"♦♦ Expert Only"


Ambush Toys was founded in 2018 in sunny Colorado by two guys—one artist and one maker—looking for something a little different.  Together they have over 25 years of experience forging adult toys and fantasy creations.

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