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Show your superiority over those furred creatures with the potent and formidable Glaive, our alligator dildo! Comes in four different sizes, three firmness choices, and new color options including our realistic Masterwork coloration, the "Alligator Natural."


All units are measured in inches.

Size Usable Length Head
Shaft, middle
Shaft, at base
Tiny 5.1 4.7 3.6 4.7
Small 6.1 5.8 4.4 5.8
Medium 7.1 7.0 5.4 7.0
Large 8.1 8.2 6.3 8.2

What are and how do I choose between firmnesses?

The firmness of a toy affects both the bending and streching/compressing of the material. Softer toys are generally viewed as easier or more comfortable, however firmer toys will maintain their shape better during penetration. Soft (1) bends and squishes very easily, and may be desirable for larger toys. Firm (8, or 8A) is more rigid and great for those "rough" sessions. Medium (4, or 4A) is a balance between the two. All three firmness options are still softer than most mass-market toys, which are about 20A if you are following along with a shore hardness scale. While firmness and size is a matter of preference, here is a quick table of our recommendations (more ★'s the better):

Soft (1) Medium (4) Firm (8)
Tiny ★★ ★★★
Small ★★ ★★★ ★★★
Medium ★★ ★★★ ★★★
Large ★★★ ★★★ ★★

Can I have a custom color?

Absolutely! We can do a wide variety of colors and color schemes, plus additives that can imbue your toy with that special flare! Under "Color" choose "Custom", type in a note describing your request, and a smith from our shop will contact you to work with and confirm your choice (please be sure to provide a valid email address).

What is a "Random Encounter" color?

Dare the RNG gods and see what you get. For only a little extra, you will receive a random coloration. We will pick the colors (at least two), but we guarantee it will be something unique. Roll for luck, and order the Random Encounter coloration!

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